In a world where we increasingly find ourselves connected via screens and the internet, have we lost our connection with the natural world around us? We aim to re-introduce nature and the outdoors into people’s lives and to get them out   Into the Green

Home Ed
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Looking for child led, Forest School based outdoor learning sessions that follow the interests of the children, rather than a curriculum? We offer weekly sessions for home-educated and flexi-schooled children from 5-7 on Fridays. Our sister group for 6+ at Fireside Forest School, runs on Wednesdays.

We offer free play, exploration, art, craft and tool work, led by qualified and experienced teachers. Second children come at a discount rate.

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We can bring outdoor learning to your school grounds, bypassing the cost of hiring a coach and saving precious curriculum time within busy school timetables.

We work with schools in Gloucester and Stroud, and also offer staff development, so please contact us to discuss what we can do to help you.

Holiday Sessions
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More children than ever are interested in nature but they seldom get the chance to spend much direct time in the wild. 

If you don't know what to do with the children in the school holidays, bring them to us and we will make sure they have a fun filled day!


In our woodland sites they can meet up with other children, make new friends, play games and have the freedom to explore or to make their own adventures. 

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