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Woodland Wellbeing

How many times have we been restored by taking a short walk in the woods? How often do we return revitalised with new perspectives after gazing out over a natural landscape?  How is it that that we can feel so relaxed after time connected to nature?

 How much time do we actually make in our lives to resource ourselves in these ways?

There are many studies that show that people with strong connections with nature report feeling happier and more content in their lives. Spending time outside in nature is healing; exploring this deeper – looking for the symbols and the mirroring that nature can offer - can support personal development and meaningful connection to the natural world which helps to ease stress and anxiety.


In our Woodland Wellbeing sessions we aim to restore, revitalise and relax.  This is special time for you, to put down the other hats you wear in your busy life, be in the moment and to spend some time resourcing yourself.  It is therapeutic time: nature provides this and we will guide you.


We use nature based practice such as mindfulness and reflection  and combine this with primitive skills, crafts and work with fire. 

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