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What to bring

You or your children will get the most of your time outside if you are dressed for it.  Layers are essential as they can be removed or put on to regulate temperature rather than one thick coat.  With all the activities going on, you will soon warm up, even on the coldest of days.

Leave your best clothes at home – you may end up getting muddy.
You will need to wear:

  • long trousers and long sleeves to protect yourself from scratches. This will also reduce the chance of getting bitten by insects or ticks. 

  • Sturdy boots, wellies or trainers.

  • Waterproof jacket and over trousers to stop you from getting wet then cold, which can happen even if it’s not raining.

  • Spare jumper -or a fleece

  • Hat, gloves, neck warmer (less dangley than a scarf!)

  • Under layer of leggings, long johns and thermal base layer if it’s really cold

  • A sunhat and suncream if it is bright or sunny.

  • Water bottle

More Clothing Advice
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